Leading name in oil and gas industry in the country Hilson Petroleum Ghana Limited Hilson Petroleum
Ghana Limited
Expanding the Hilson advantage to Europe and beyond Hilson Petroleum UK Limited Entrust the assets to professionals. Our solutions are effective and innovative in many industries. Hilson Savings & Loans Limited The Nigerian arm of Hilson Petroleum Ghana Limited Hilson Petroleum Services Limited Offshore oil and gas experts Hilson Energy Limited Hilson Medical Supply Limited Internationally acclaimed pharmaceutical partners Internationally acclaimed pharmaceutical partners Organic crop and livestock farms Hilson Farms Ghana Limited Trading of Commodities such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, etc Hilson Impex Ghana Limited

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HILSON Group is a global diversified company with a network of production and commercial subsidiaries locally and internationally. Our company is engaged in the oil and gas, medical, agriculture and other industries.

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Commenced operations in 2010 and after 7 successful years now has 9 subsidiaries and still expanding. With a team of highly trained experts and dedicated staff, Hilson Group and Subsidiaries will soon be the fastest growing business in West Africa.

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