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Hilson Group

Hilson Group is a global diversified company with a network of production and commercial subsidiaries local and international.

Back in 2010, Humphrey Tenzagh founded a business enterprise name Sebas Prisah Enterprise which was soon restructured to a Limited Liability company namely: Hilson Petroleum Ghana Limited.

Hilson Petroleum Ghana Limited is a Private Limited Liability company incorporated under the Laws of the Republic of Ghana with Registration No. CA – 78,593 under the Registrar General Department and was later registered as per directives from Registrar General Department with Registration No. CS607702015​

​​The company commenced operations since September 2010 as a Limited Liability Company.

Today, Hilson Petroleum Ghana Limited has developed with nine (9) different Limited Liability subsidiaries operating in the Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Medical Equipment, Commodities and Financial Consultancy services.

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Time – the most expensive resource! Spend time on the most productive areas.

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“Our company’s success is the result of joint work with our clients. The success of our customers – our success!”
Humphrey Tenzagh
Group Chairman, Hilson Group

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It is impossible to imagine a future without the predicted close relationships with reliable partners.

Our history

Hilson Group has 9 subsidiaries and counting.

Back in 2010, Hilson Petroleum was founded. It was founded as an enterprise but due the successful impact of the business, it was re-organized and launched as a limited liability company.

Today, there 9 vibrant subsidiaries with many more in the offing. Which are in these various industries: agriculture, oil and gas, health, commodities and financial consultancy services


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We guarantee fast execution of the task. Always invest in a specified time and receive desired results in expected terms. You will appreciate the accuracy of specified conditions. We will do everything thoroughly.

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The quality and speed of execution
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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

The most important objective of our company is to obtain profitability in the long term. Guided by its mission and values we seek to achieve profits without prejudice to society and the environment.