Our company is expanding and we are happy to see you in our team!

Please take a look at our advantages and benefits. Also check the list of vacancies in our company. We are looking for professionals and are willing to offer job to students and young professionals. When employed in our company you get the full package of our incentives.

HR department is always concerned about the development of our team members. Depending on which branch of our company you will work, we will offer several opportunities for development. Be prepared for a pleasant surprise! It is very important that you work in high comfort.


Successful team – a guarantee of the successful development of the company

Benefits & Rewards

Only motivated specialist can build a successful career and benefit the company.

Hilson Group takes maximum care of its staff. We provide additional training, insurance, compensation, etc. It pays a lot of attention in the direction of continuous training of our staff. Specialized courses, lectures and seminars provide an opportunity to improve their professional careers. Special packages of health insurance, food, car, payment of fuel and maintenance are often included.

Social Security
In Ghana, Social Security is primarily the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) which is supervised by Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT).
Higher qualifications
After a period of work in our company, your professional level increase significantly. We constantly carry out specialized training of our staff.
High wages
We care about the welfare of each of our employees. High wages: a distinguishing feature of our company.

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*If you have questions about employment in our company, please refer to the “Contacts” section.

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