Humphrey Tenzagh

Group Chairman

Hilson Group – a group of companies with years of experience in several industries. We are constantly evolving and becoming revolutionary.


  • Development and Strategy
  • Funding for projects
  • Integration products
  • Business Innovation and Output


H/No. 6, Oleander Street
East Legon,
Accra - Ghana
Oil and Gas
Development and Strategy
Funding for projects
Business Innovation

Mr. Humphrey Tenzagh is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hilson Petroleum Ghana Limited. He has extensive years of experience in the Oil and Gas sector, primarily within the Downstream, Offshore and Trade sectors.

Humphrey also uses his investment background and savvy list of contacts in Europe and Africa, to concentrate on structuring and placing more complex trade and project finance transactions in those markets. Structured trade and project finance is an integral feature of Hilson’s project and trade solutions.

Mr. Humphrey has worked and developed experience in the commodities trade sector and has successfully handled the positions captioned below.

2010 Till Date  = Hilson Petroleum Ghana Ltd – CEO (Accra)

2009 – 2010    = Sebas Prisah Enterprise – MD (Takoradi)

2008 – 2009   = P.K. Afoah Co. Ltd – Operations Manager (Takoradi)

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